Are There Aftermarket Products Worth Buying for a Used Car?


You can find aftermarket products for a used car before you leave the dealership, and there are those available after you drive away. Extras your dealer offers may be rolled into your finance contract. Both these and some items you can buy later are listed below.

Dealership Offerings

Aftermarket products a used car salesperson may offer, which may or may not be worth it, include:

  • Additional Warranty Coverage: Sometimes, a used car is still covered under the factory warranty. You can often purchase an extended warranty, but it’s important to consider the cost and the type of coverage it provides. The car’s condition and brand reputation are other factors to consider. If it’s a reliable brand, a good car will likely only need routine service and maintenance for the foreseeable future, so an extended warranty may not be necessary.


  • Insurance: Your dealership may offer GAP insurance, which can come in handy if your car becomes a total loss. GAP insurance covers the difference or gap between what you owe on the loan and what the car is worth. Life or disability insurance may be offered as well, to protect your investment in case the primary owner dies. Serving as sort of a mini-insurance policy, a service contract can cover unexpected, costly repairs.


  • Return Policy: Some dealerships allow you to return a used car within a specified amount of time after you buy it. If you don’t like the vehicle, you can get your money back. You can use the same money to buy a different vehicle, even a new one, but be aware of the time and mileage limits of the policy.

Other aftermarket extras your dealer may offer include paint protection, which is better for high-end or classic cars, as well as theft protection.

Aftermarket Products You Can Buy

Options and accessories you might consider for your used car can include:

  • Alarms: Dealers or automotive shops can install an alarm if it would give you peace of mind. For later model cars, alarms and anti-theft systems are pretty much standard.


  • Winter Tires: Winter tires can provide extra control in severe conditions, even for all-wheel-drive vehicles. Nonetheless, they can be expensive, so compare the prices between your dealer, local tire shops, and online stores.


  • Window Tinting: If you prefer the privacy and look of tinted windows, just be aware of local laws and the prices and reputability of aftermarket installers.


  • Upholstery Treatment: Keeping the inside of a car clean can be tough. You can purchase a protectant from a store or visit a local car wash for vacuuming and spot treatment. If the factory has provided fabric protection, you don’t need this.


  • Infotainment Equipment: Families with kids typically fair better when cars have DVD and gaming systems. Navigation systems and satellite radio can make a road trip all that much more enjoyable.

However, various other aftermarket products are generally not worth investing in. Graphics/pinstripes can cause paint to fade, while rustproofing and undercoating aren’t practical for recent model year cars that have already been protected. And unless you own a high-performance sports car, you don’t need a rear spoiler.

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Author: CarWorld