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How to Change a Tire

When you get a flat tire and are far from the nearest shop, there may be few options. Being stranded…

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When to Get an Oil Change

The standards have changed when it comes to servicing your car’s oil. In the past, getting an oil change every…

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Are Airbags Important?

Airbags are among the most important safety features of automobiles. Often referred to as Supplementary Restraint Systems (seatbelts being the…

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Hawthorne Car Deal Redefines the Buy Here-Pay Here Sales Model!

Car World brings you easiest, fastest and friendliest in-house financing so you can drive away with your new ride same…

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Why Should You Buy a Truck?

Pickup trucks such as those by Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge are some of the most popular vehicles on the market….

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Benefits of a Trade-In Auto Dealer

If you currently own a vehicle but want a new one, there are a few options. None are as convenient…