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What Does Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Mean?

New car prices are often higher than many people can afford. Many buy a used car, although there‚Äôs always some…

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5 Benefits of Buying a Hybrid Car

Hybrid vehicle technology remains popular as many top car makers work to keep up with demand. There are over 30…

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Best Pre-Owned Crossovers 2020

If you want the best features of a sedan and an SUV, a crossover is the way to go. A…

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How Do Car Warranties Work?

A warranty is typically included when you purchase a vehicle. It comes in handy when a car repair is needed….

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Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

July has been designated Vehicle Theft Prevention Month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Even with the latest…

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5 Best Cars for Summer

A vehicle for summer travel should offer reliable performance, agile handling, and a comfortable ride. Fuel efficiency is important as…

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Auto Interest Rates Drop

In May 2020, interest rates for new vehicles dropped to the lowest level since August 2013, to an average annual…

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Nissan Recalls 1.8 Million Altima Sedans

In early June, Nissan announced a recall of more than 1.8 million Altima sedans around the world, mostly in the…

F-150 Insignia
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F-150 Tops the Most-Searched List

If truck sales were a popularity contest, the Ford F-series would win every time. Even in the era of electric…

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Toyota Sells More Than 15 Million Hybrids Globally

Since the Prius was launched in 1997, Toyota has dominated the hybrid vehicle market. The Prius has the distinction of…