Is It Safe to Take a Road Trip During Coronavirus Pandemic?


The coronavirus pandemic is keeping many people home. During the outbreak, flying is out of the question, as it brings too many people to close together. But what about the Great American Road Trip? With the threat of COVID-19, some are considering travel plans such as a trip to the seashore, lakeshore, or mountains or to enjoy the sight of open fields and feel of fresh air.

Why You Should Hold Off…For Now

Low gas prices may be enticing you to hit the road. If you’re planning a summer vacation, this may also be so in a few months. Traveling sooner is risky. While you and your family can observe social distancing with as few stops as possible, roadside amenities may be very limited. Many restaurants have limited their service to drive-through only. Hotels have closed as well, so making a reservation may be hard. Consider your travel plans carefully if you go on a road trip.

Stick to Short Drives

Few services may be available on your route at this time. Also, think about what could happen if you get sick. If you are able, a couple hours’ car ride to the mountains or lakeshore can be just what you need. It also avoids having to stop at gas stations and other locations where you could be exposed to the virus. If your area’s stay at home order doesn’t forbid this kind of travel, a short trip can be just what you need to clear your head.

Essential Trips

Sometimes, road trips are unavoidable, whether you go local or long-distance. If you have no other choice but to travel, make sure to:

  • Sanitize anything in the car you touch, including door handles, controls for windows, the steering wheel, gear shift, sun visor, touchscreen, cupholders, console, and keys or start button.


  • Pack hand sanitizer, tissues, and wet wipes to disinfect surfaces, as well as sealable disposable plastic bags to safely store used sanitizing items.


  • Ample food supplies so you don’t need to stop at a snack shop or restaurant on the road. Good road trip snacks include protein bars, carrots, fruit, and cheese and crackers (bring plenty of water as well).


  • Disposable gloves; in case you need to stop for gas, they will protect you from direct contact with the pump, which may be contaminated with the virus. Pay with a credit or debit card as well.


  • If staying in a hotel, clean sinks, toilets, telephones, lamp switches, and TV remotes with disinfectant wipes. To be even safer, put the remote in a ziplock bag and move bedspreads and decorative pillows aside.

Sage Advice: Watch Your Speed and Speeders!

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has estimated that traffic speeds in the area are up as much as 30%.1 Similar trends have been seen in New York and Oregon. Speeding can get you a traffic ticket and into a serious accident. Being injured can also land you in the hospital, where coronavirus is prevalent, and where healthcare workers are already busy treating COVID-19 patients.

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Author: CarWorld