Benefits of Buying a Used Car


Reliability, dependability, and great features—these are traits you’d expect in a new car. But did you know you can get pretty much the same deal with a used car, and pay less? Today’s motor vehicles are built to last and buying even a two- or three-year-old vehicle can leave you with many years of enjoyment.

Buying a used car equals huge savings. Aside from costing less than new cars (by as much as 50%), used vehicles also save you financing fees because you can pay one off faster. You also get more for your money. What you can budget for a new one can be put towards the next trim level up.

Also, a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. It can be thousands of dollars less by the time you get home. Jump in later and you can save a bundle. By purchasing a used car in Hawthorne, you can see the following benefits:

Fewer Costs

Buying a used car can also save you with:

  • No exaggerated fees: New cars can come with shipping, destination, dealer preparation, and even hidden advertising fees.
  • Lower customization costs: If you buy a used vehicle, the dealer won’t try to sell you expensive add-ons; you can even install them yourself for less.
  • Lower registration fees: Registration rates are usually higher during a car’s first three years; in most states, fees are based on model year and the car’s value.

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 Other Benefits to Buying a Used Car Besides Affordability

Lower Insurance Premiums – You do not need gap insurance for a used car, as it has already depreciated. Gap insurance, which covers the difference between what the car is worth at the time of an accident and when you purchased it, raises your premium. Since you don’t need it, your monthly insurance payments will be lower.

Environmental Conservation – Buying a used car can reduce carbon dioxide output. That’s because a quarter of the CO2 it produces is via the manufacturing process and during shipment. Also, the lead-acid, lithium-ion, and nickel-metal hydride batteries in newer hybrid vehicles can become toxic waste. Most used cars don’t have this kind of environmental impact.

Thorough Inspections – A two- or three-year-old car is still relatively new, but used vehicles are thoroughly inspected and refurbished. Multi-point inspections spot any problems that need to be fixed before resale. The dealer can ensure the high quality of the vehicle so you can drive away with peace of mind. If you’re concerned about previous issues, you can always ask for a vehicle history report to determine whether the car is worth buying.

Warranty – In many cases, used cars still are still covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Oftentimes an extended manufacturer’s warranty is available, so you have access to quality parts, speed service, and factory-trained technicians. Used car warranties may provide coverage up to 100,000 miles, sometimes more, providing additional savings.

Longevity – Cars can last a long time and take on more mileage than ever before. You may get 100,000, 200,000, or more miles out of a used car. If the inspection checks out, there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect a used vehicle to last for many years.

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 For the BEST used car selection at the lowest prices, contact  CarWorld today: (833) 219-9951

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Author: CarWorld