Why Your Car’s Interior Material Matters


The primary materials used for car interiors include nylon, leather, vinyl, polyester, and fabric. The more elegant and high quality the interior material is, the more it adds to the value of your car. But a car interior material matters for many other reasons. You can have a single material or hybrid varieties of materials on, for example, seat covers.

The material selected impacts:

  • Comfort: Leather offers a high level of comfort, and stays cool in hot weather, yet it is the most expensive car seat material. It is often used in luxury cars. Vinyl is a popular choice for automobile upholstery. Comfort level may be affected by temperature, as vinyl tends to become hot or cold in respect to ambient temperature. But with any material, the most comfortable depends on your preferences. It is highly important because of the amount you invest in a car and how much time you spend driving.
  • Durability: Extreme durability makes leather a popular choice, while nylon is durable yet affordable. Vinyl provides a high level of quality and can hold up over time in a range of conditions. It can last for a long time, although cracking and tearing can occur in high temperatures and excessive use can cause the material to loosen. It may also shrink with exposure to the sun. Lighter colored broadcloth, a wool blend, won’t bleach as easily in the sun.
  • Maintenance: To protect leather, it must be conditioned. Otherwise it can crack and peel in hot temperatures; however, it is easy to clean. Vinyl can be easily patched and repaired and that’s why many car owners prefer it. While broadcloth is easy to clean by vacuuming, it may require steaming to remove stains, while velour requires periodic vacuuming with a brush attachment to clean dirt trapped in the fabric. The less maintenance needed, the less demand in upkeeping your car.

Cost is a major factor when it comes to choosing a material. If you can afford luxury, a high-quality material such as leather is a practical choice. However, there are many lower-cost options that can meet your style, comfort, and maintenance expectations.

When selecting a car interior material, consider what best serves your needs. Usage is an important factor. Upholstery that’s resistant to wear and tear may be more beneficial in the long run if your car takes a lot of abuse. Car seats with nylon upholstery are durable and inexpensive. Your experience with car seat materials and covers also matters; building on your own preferences and experiences, which may differ from other car owners, helps go with your instincts and insights when deciding on materials that, for example, used cars in our lot may include.

Interior materials differ greatly from one to another in many ways. What looks great now might not look so later. Abuse, weathering, temperatures, and sunlight are just a few things that can degrade a material, so where you live and how your vehicle will be used can influence what material you ultimately decide upon.

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Author: CarWorld