Electric Cars That Cost Less Than $10,000


Electric vehicles are billed for their reduced maintenance needs, regenerative braking (which reduces brake-pad wear), low emissions, and efficiency. Nonetheless, their prices aren’t usually more or less appealing than gas-powered cars, especially for car shoppers on a budget. Used EVs don’t come with the federal tax credit offered to new car buyers. Also, you might not get more than 50 miles on a charge.

Range is one primary factor buyers consider. The other is how long the lithium-ion battery pack will last; replacing it can come with a repair bill in the thousands of dollars. However, most used EVs are covered under an 8-year/100,000-mile factory battery warranty. But if you’re looking for a low starting price, these are some of the best models:

Chevrolet Volt (2011-2015)

One of the first mainstream plug-in hybrid cars, the Volt has depreciated fairly and you can now get one for under $10,000. It was introduced with an all-electric range of 35 miles. This increased to 38 miles in 2013. The Volt may be on the discontinued list for 2020, but it’s one you may find at an attractive price.

Ford Focus Electric (2013)

The Ford Focus is compact, stylish, and elegant, yet available for as little as $9,000. The electric motor delivers 143 hp and 184 lb.-ft of torque. Plus, there is room to seat five. Even with all the seats in place, the Focus provides a modest 14.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Using a 240-volt power source, it can be recharged in four hours and provides 76 miles between charges.

Nissan Leaf (2011)

Some models are going for $8,000. That’s far less than some $30,000 new cars. Aside from a 107 hp electric motor and a 73-mile range, the Leaf has a roomy cabin, seating for five, and 14.5 cubic feet of cargo space plus cruise control, keyless ignition and entry, and Bluetooth connectivity. Although standard charging can take up to eight hours, an optional quick-charge port gets you to 80% capacity in 30 minutes at a high-voltage public charging station.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV (2012)

One of the most affordable new EVs, the i-MiEV can be found at used prices down to $8,000. Small and nimble, it’s powered by a 66 hp motor and can go 62 miles on a charge. The recharge time is seven hours using a 240-volt power source. You also get air conditioning, a heated driver’s seat, and 50/50 split-folding rear seats, not to mention a four-speaker audio system with an integrated CD player.

Ford C-Max Energi

Using the same platform as the Ford Focus hatchback, this plug-in hybrid has a great interior and handles quite well. It goes for up to 20 miles in electric mode, and then the gas engine kicks in. Your commute, therefore, isn’t limited by range.

Toyota Prius Plug-In (2012-2015)

The plug-in hybrid variant has been available since the Prius’ third generation. Early models represent some of the best used car deals on the market. The downside is you’ll only get 11 miles on electricity. But hey, the Prius is known for its excellent fuel economy. The same goes for the PHEV model, even after the battery has long since drained.

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Author: CarWorld