Common Used Car Salesman Tricks


Buying a vehicle, even a used car, can be a complex process. Even if you’re a good researcher and negotiator, the tricks used car salesmen play can get the best of you. They’re trained to make the most money possible for their employer. The prospects of getting into the car of your dreams today might sound enticing, but it might not meet your budget and needs.

Common tricks used car salesmen often use include:

Hard Selling

The salesperson is aggressive and persistent. Their pitch starts as soon as you walk in the showroom. You can tell them you’re just looking, but most customers say this. Never purchase a vehicle because you’re pressured into it. If you’ve done your research and know the market price, either buy the car or walk away.

Using Time as a Tool

Salespeople know customers get tired and their compulsions will eventually kick in. By drawing out the process, they can weaken your willpower. To counter this approach, state your intent. If you’re at the dealership for a test drive, say so, and that you’ll be back to talk numbers later, or ask for their best price to see if they’re upfront.

Psychological Profiling

A car salesperson is trained to understand human psychology. It’s what helps them be persuasive. Every question they ask is selected from a script. For example, you may be asked what your looking to pay per month. You’re better off picking the car you want, equipping it to meet your needs, and then negotiating a price. Be focused.

Pressuring You with an Impending Event

This is a sales tactic that pressures you to buy a car, or else you’ll miss out on a big sale. The salesperson might try to convince you someone else is coming in to see the vehicle. Let them know you’re not up for playing games. Tell the salesperson directly that if they’re not willing to sell the vehicle to you tomorrow, you’ll check with another dealership.

Trade-In Rip Offs

Many car buyers are more focused on the trade-in value of their current vehicle. However, the list price of a new car isn’t always what it’s really worth. You might think you’re getting a good deal, but in fact you’re getting ripped off because the car might be thousands of dollars less than advertised. Do your research and keep all the numbers in mind when you visit the dealer.

The Closing

Watch out for how the salesman tries to close the deal. A classic is when they draw a line down the middle of a paper, and list reasons to buy the car, stumping you on reasons not to buy it—very manipulative. The alternate-choice close is also popular; you might get a choice of one option or another, but there’s more you want to see. A salesperson won’t ever ask a yes or no question; but always respond based on what you need to know.

Hidden Fees

Purchasing a vehicle often comes with processing, title, registration, and licensing fees that aren’t disclosed. These should be transparent during the entire process, not revealed at the end. Ask about fees and make sure your dealership is up-front.

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Author: CarWorld