Black Friday Car Shopping


Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one of the most popular shopping days of the year. It’s the ideal day for car shopping. But many carmakers and dealerships offer specials throughout the month of November, so whether you choose to shop on Black Friday or take advantage of deals throughout the month, here are some tips on shopping right.

When it comes to Black Friday car shopping, you have two options—buy now or wait.

Go for It!

The best reasons to chase that Black Friday sale include if:

  • You’re planning to lease a vehicle, which is often more beneficial upfront rather novthan by waiting.
  • The dealership offers an irresistible promotion, such as a zero percent interest loan.
  • You want a very specific car, and/or that vehicle has a special low interest rate offer.


Playing a waiting game when shopping for a car is like rolling the dice. The vehicle you want may not be around long, while you risk missing out on a good deal. However, you might want to wait if you plan to pay cash for the car. Prices tend to decrease as cars sit on lots.

You can also wait if your requirements are flexible and you don’t need the hottest model. If you wait to see what’s left behind at a lower price, you can save a bundle. Also, if you could improve your credit, waiting and improving your credit status can help take advantage of low interest rates and clearance prices later.

How to Take Advantage of Black Friday Deals

If you plan to shop on Black Friday, don’t rely only on deals. By taking these steps, you can prepare ahead of time and save the most.

  • Visit your dealership to appraise your vehicle a few days before Thanksgiving. You can then have a trade-in amount to compare with Black Friday deals on the big day.
  • Get your finances in order; save up for a down payment if required and look into dealership financing that may be more convenient than bank financing.
  • Test drive the car you want a few days earlier; you can then know what you want and find salespeople to assist, which may be difficult with the crowds on Black Friday.
  • Choose the vehicle you like plus alternatives (in case it becomes unavailable), so you can pick something in advance and jump on that irresistible Black Friday deal.
  • Dealerships post a lot of ads in advance to compete; read each ad carefully, along with the fine print, and visit dealerships for quotes (or call, email, or text local dealers).
  • Gather all your paperwork, including your driver’s license, method of payment, and proof of automobile insurance as well as any paperwork associated with your trade-in.
  • Arrive early to avoid crowds of shoppers and for better selections; and, be patient as the salespeople may be handling more than one customer at a time on Black Friday.

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Author: CarWorld