Benefits of Buying a Used vs. New Car


Every car buyer is faced with the decision to buy new or used.  Some people are hesitant to buy used but driving away with a used model, from a dealership that maintains the cars properly, will provide years of reliability at a price you won’t be able to beat. Today’s cars also have longer maintenance intervals. But what are the important factors to consider when deciding between the two?

Why Buy a Used Car?

Better Price

The price you can afford depends on what you can pay per month. With a used car, you get more for less. That means more features, better performance, and even a luxury model; for example, a used 2007 Porsche might cost the same as a 2011 Honda. In general, you could buy a higher-level trim with more features without spending top dollar.

Depreciation is another factor to think about. All cars lose value over time. The greatest hit is when you drive a new car off the dealer lot; it can lose as much as 30% of its value in an instant. Over the first three years, it can depreciate up to 50%. Buying a used car that’s two or three years old can save you thousands of dollars due to depreciation alone.

Lower Registration Fees

In California, vehicle registration fees are based on its value. Since you’re paying less for a used car, registering it won’t cost you as much each time. You can save as much as a thousand dollars by avoiding new car registration fees. Plus, you get a reliable car that is only a few years old.

No Useless Dealer Options

Dealers try to maximize their profits from new cars. You’ll be offered protective films, anti-rust coatings, and a variety of add-on features you really don’t need, but of course you’ll have to pay for. First, you can get these for less on the aftermarket; second, such extras won’t increase resale value. Also, features an original owner bought can be had for less. Built-in options such as navigation systems and sunroofs are therefore more affordable.

Eliminate Dealer Fees

Preparation, destination, and shipping fees are just a few expenses dealers add to the price of a new car. That’s after you’ve paid for pinstripes or other extras you didn’t want in the first place. Buying used cars avoids this in addition to not draining your bank account. You will pay tag, title, and registration fees at the DMV, but these don’t come close to exorbitant fees dealers charge.

Rigorous Inspections

Used car dealers such as Car World perform multi-point inspections on their inventory. It’s therefore possible to address any safety issues and ensure a vehicle will be reliable once driven off our lot. We also detail every vehicle, so even a used model will look like it’s fresh out of the showroom.

Find the Best Used Cars at Car World

At our buy here, pay here dealership, we can answer your question as to why buy a used car, and stock major brands such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. We help each customer find the vehicle that meets their wants and needs. Drive away the same day thanks to aggressive financing options, and keep your car going with proper maintenance; our on-site service department can help keep it in top condition before and after you buy. For more information, call 833-219-9951 or visit our dealership in Hawthorne, California, today.

Author: CarWorld