10 Road Laws You Might Not Know Of


In a driver’s education course, you’ll learn about traffic laws, road signs, and other aspects of driving and owning a vehicle, including proper car cleaning. Breaking the law can get you ticketed or arrested. At that point, you may not be thinking about the best car cleaning products. But you might not be aware of some road laws, as every state in the U.S. has its own unique set of rules.

1. California: Driving While Wearing a Bathrobe Is Illegal

By law in the Golden State, women cannot wear a bathrobe while driving. This is an official mandate, but in a state where people are especially image-conscious, it would seem unnecessary.

2. South Dakota: You Can Be Charged with a DUI While Not Driving

A person in complete control of a vehicle can receive a DUI charge, even if they are holding the keys outside the car’s ignition while intoxicated.

3. Kansas: Pedestrians Are Required to Use Taillights at Night

Crossing a Kansas highway at night? You must be wearing taillights, although there are no guidelines as to where to attach them, if they should be brighter when you stop, or blink when you make a turn.

4. New Jersey: You Cannot Pump Your Own Gas

New Jersey law forbids civilians from pumping their own gas, at any time, per the Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act of 1949. It’s the only state in the U.S. where this applies.

5. Pennsylvania: Drivers Must Shoot Skyrockets on Rural Roads at Night

If you are driving on a country road in the dark, you must stop and fire a rocket signal every mile, and then wait ten minutes. This is just in case any unsuspecting livestock are ahead.

6. Nebraska: Drivers Must Stay to the Right on Mountain Highways

Always remember this when driving through Nebraska’s mountains, and note there are no mountains in this state. Nebraska is in the heart of The Great Plains.

7. Georgia: Spitting from a Car or Bus Is Illegal

No matter how much phlegm you cough up and must get rid of, you can get jail time for spitting while driving in Marietta, Georgia. However, it is legal to spit from a truck. It’s also illegal to spit on a roadway in New Mexico, where it’s a misdemeanor.

8. Texas: Driving within an Arm’s Length of Alcohol Is Forbidden

Even if someone else is doing the drinking, it’s illegal to drive if a container of alcohol is less than an arm’s length away. Yes, intoxicated people shouldn’t be anywhere near the steering wheel.

9. Rhode Island: Never Pass Someone without Making an Audible Noise

There are no guidelines on what constitutes an audible noise in the case of an automobile, so every vehicle is in compliance (unless you’re driving an electric vehicle in silent mode).

10. Indiana: Keep Your Head Under the Sunroof in South Bend

It is illegal to drive when any person or object is hanging outside or on top of the vehicle in question.

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Author: CarWorld