What to Do Before Selling Your Car


CarWorld accepts trade-ins and sells used cars. If you’re wondering how to sell your car, there are a few steps you should consider. Trading in a vehicle is usually a straightforward process. You might even save on your next car. But selling your vehicle to a dealership requires preparation. To get the most out of the deal, here’s what to do before selling your car.

Know Your Car’s Value

Many people look up the make, model, and year of their vehicle to determine its value. Dealerships rarely consider online tools. Your best bet is to compare it to sales of similar vehicles in your area, factoring in mileage, condition, and trim level. The vehicle’s history is important as well. You probably have all maintenance and repair records if you were the only owner. If someone else once owned the car, find its vehicle history report from sources like AutoCheck or Carfax, checking for recalls or accidents.

Inspect and Fix Up the Vehicle

Look around carefully. Dents and dings you didn’t notice may be the first thing the dealership sees. See if they can be buffed out. Also, check for any issues with the tires or electrical system. If you spot any wear or flaws, they should be fixed before you consider negotiating a price. Fix any scratched paint, oil leaks, or broken lights. Recovering your investment is a factor here, but many parts, especially those associated with electrical issues or an oil leak, can be fixed affordably compared to how much a dealer may knock off their offer.

Thoroughly Clean Your Car

On the outside, do a careful cleaning. Going for a carwash can help, but it is not enough. You’ll need a fresh coat of wax too. Clean up the interior by first getting rid of personal items you stored in your car all these years. A steam cleaning can leave the carpeting and seat fabric looking like new. You also want to pay careful attention to the cleanliness of the dashboard, windows, and practically every surface inside the vehicle.

Get Your Documents Together

Gather all records associated with the car, including the title, registration, and service records. Your vehicle will have more value if you’ve kept up with scheduled maintenance. Have all receipts and records of service with you to present to the buyer. If you haven’t found the vehicle history report, the dealership can find it if necessary.

Make Sure All Accessories Are with the Vehicle

If your vehicle came with extra sets of keys or hardware such as SD cards for the navigation system, for example, make sure to include them. These features are part of the vehicle. If they’re missing, you may not get as high an offer when trading it in.

Get Multiple Offers

Once you get an offer from one dealership, visit a second one, and so on. Compare competing offers to get the most value for your car. It is then up to you who to do business with.

Go to CarWorld

Our used car dealership offers the best way to sell your car. All vehicles are purchased at fair market prices. You can even use our online trade-in calculator to estimate what your vehicle is worth. Once an offer is made, we’ll help you find a car that meets all your wants and needs. Aggressive financing can mean you drive away the same day. Submit your details online, but also feel free to visit our Hawthorne dealership in person or call 833-219-9951 for assistance.

Author: CarWorld